New writing is at the core of Metamorph's work. Through our tri-annual Picked + Mixed nights, we strive to promote emerging artists and showcase work that reflects modern life.

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How does it work?

Before every new writing night, we put a call-out on social media asking for 10/15 minute long pieces. Length aside, we have no specific requirements, and welcome everything from plays to devised pieces to sketch comedy. Our submissions window is open to everyone, from first time playwrights to experienced dramatists.


We read each play twice; the strongest work is then selected for performance. We team each script with actors and a suitable director - and then its over to them!

The pieces we showcase are often extracts from work in development. Many of these shows have gone on to be produced as full-length plays.

Some notable pieces include:

'Before I was a Bear' by Eleanor Tindall, an extract from which was performed at our first Picked + Mixed in March 2017, ran at the Bunker Theatre from 12th-23rd November 2019 to an enthusiastic reception from audiences and critics.

'Ares' by Katie Granger premiered at VAULT Festival 2019, and was described by LondonTheatre1 as "one of the highlights" of the festival.


'The Luncheon', devised and performed by Luis Amalia and Kace Monney, was performed at Picked + Mixed in 2018. Since then, it has been performed at a diverse range of venues, from the Brighton Fringe to the La Juan Gallery, Madrid.

'The Good Landlord' by Michael Ross was developed at Picked + Mixed throughout 2018. It became Metamorph's debut full length show. It was first performed at VAULT Festival 2019, and is currently being developed in preparation for the Edinburgh Fringe.


'Scab' by Luke Stapleton was performed at Picked + Mixed in July 2019. It was selected by Metamorph for development and will debut in 2021