'The Good Landlord' by Michael Ross

'Crammed to capacity with topicality, this sharp comedy full of serious concerns makes a smart debut show for Metamorph Theatre.' - Once a Week Theatre

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Rupert Sadler (Ed) and Maximillian Davey (Tom) in The Good Landlord, VAULT Festival 2019

About the Show

'The Good Landlord' is Metamorph's first in-house production, developed in collaboration with playwright Michael Ross. It has been in development since January 2018, taking a collaborative and devised approach through improvisational workshops. Michael then crafted the script out of this work, adding his own unique brand of satirical comedy.

"Generation Rent", which the Metamorph team are theoretically a part of, is a growing crisis in London and across the UK. The show explores the reality of rent pressure on young people and draws parallels between social reality and an alternative, darker future.


'The Good Landlord' premiered with a successful run at VAULT Festival 2019.

Director - Cat Robey

Assistant Director - Siar Kanik

Sound Design - Nima Chatrizeh

Lighting Design - Heidi Aurora

'A delightfully weird comedy where it feels like anything can happen'

The Spy in the Stalls


The Good Landlord - Ali Wright-10.jpg

Phoebe Batteson-Brown as Clarissa

‘There’s a brilliant turn from Phoebe Batteson-Brown’s Clarissa [...] sharply witty and icily efficient, she’s the kind of compelling, disquieting presence that you just can’t keep your eyes off.’

There Ought to be Clowns

‘Maximillian Davey gives a wonderfully understated performance as Tom, his approach is natural and endearing, cementing his character as the hero of the piece.’

Theatre Weekly


‘Rupert Sadler, as the acquiescent Ed, stalks the stage with his eyes raised permanently upwards, pleading with the landlord who lurks above [...] a brilliant comic turn.'

The Guardian

‘An interesting commentary on the current social climate, in London particularly, and cleverly illustrates the lengths that young people are willing to go to for decently priced rent.’

Within Her Words


The Good Landlord - Ali Wright-22.jpg

Tiwalade Ibirogba Olulode as Bryony

The Good Landlord2 - Ali Wright-4.jpg

Maximillian Davey as Tom

The Good Landlord - Ali Wright-20.jpg

Rupert Sadler as Ed

playmill festival 2019

Following its run at VAULT Festival, Metamorph took The Good Landlord  to the King's Head Theatre, Islington, where it was performed as part of Playmill Festival 2019.

Director - Cat Robey

Sound Design - Nima Chatrizeh

Lighting Design - Heidi Aurora

Production Assistants - Siar Kanik & Harriet Corke


Phoebe Batteson-Brown, Theo Ancient, & Rupert Sadler


Cat Robey & Sophia Eleni in rehearsal

For this run, Theo Ancient took over the role of Tom, whilst Sophia Eleni took the role of Bryony. Phoebe Batteson-Brown and Rupert Sadler reprised their roles as Clarissa and Ed.

All captions taken from Edward Lukes' **** review of The Good Landlord on Once a Week Theatre.


'Tom is a fascinating mix of insecurity and confidence, a balance of sensitivity with an intelligence that doesn’t suffer fools.'


'Eleni makes a sweet love interest for the landlord’s more reluctant tenant Tom.'


'Phoebe Batteson-Brown shows her tremendous comic skills with a performance of great assurance.'


 'Ed’s desperation to keep living in the flat develops nicely into a mania [...] Above all, Sadler is funny throughout.'